Friday, August 19, 2005

Sidebar Samplings

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Once upon a time, I did a comprehensive blogaround of our entire blogroll. It took me so long that I swore I would never do it again unless bedridden. But there's so much good stuff going on that I had to show you some of what I've been reading...

Edgy Mama: "As we raced to the hospital, I commanded E-spouse to speed, not to stop, and not to hit ANY bumps in the road in the process, which proved difficult, but he did try."

Hangover Journal: "I've been using my unemployment time wisely, mostly honing my drinking skills. I've gotten pretty damn good at it, actually, but wine isn't really my thing. We had a bottle at home, Crazy Llama, which I bought last winter at Earthfare using my usual wine buying guide: buy the one with the coolest label."

Dirty Greek: via The Onion
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Bad Ass: "This world is becoming increasingly complex and we find ourselves each day needing more and more help from other nations. So why would we send the most un-diplomatic person to the world's largest international organization?"

Blue Ridge Blog: "The best thing about my job is that the most interesting folks in my world allow me to view their personal gardens. These landscapes may be tangible--where the sun and bees mingle amongst the flora, or it may be a less visible world which involves metaphysics. No matter. I'm allowed in and that is sweet enough for me."

There's oodles of bloggy goodness throughout our BlogAsheville blogroll. Go ahead. Surf. Enjoy yourself. Get to know your neighbors.

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Edgy Mama said...

Thanks for the showcasing, Screwy. Because I don't want you to be bedridden at any time, why don't we take turns doing a bit of blogaround? That said, I can't do one until September, but I'd be happy to help then!