Sunday, July 24, 2005

Asheville Blogaround

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usAshevillains, blogophiles, and happy accidents,

BlogAsheville is happy to host the first-ever Asheville Blogaround, an overview of the local blog topography. Any blogger in the Asheville area who's posted something in the last two weeks can appear in the blogaround. And to any area bloggers not on BlogAsheville's blogroll, please email us at blogashevilleAThotmailDOTcom to let us know!

Amy at Littlebear Holler: Ten acres, a Winnebago, and a dream, is almost finished building her house and has developed a new appreciation for climate control.

Newest BlogAsheville contributor, Edgy Mama, is working on a new novel called Janus Watchers, and she's written "22,000 words since mid-May. Not too shabby."

Another writer/blogger, Jaybird at Bird on the Moon, takes a astounded look at Annie Dillard's Pilgrim at Tinker Creek.

For those uninitiated to the vortex of charm we call Asheville, Marko at Mountain Town Guy wants to show you around.

From Hot Springs come Rosemoon at Moonmeadow Farm with artfully written tales of life on the farm, heat, humidity, and PMS.

Lowell Allen's Latest on his phantastical Phlickr Photoblog presents you with dozens of outstanding pictures of, in, and around our fair city.

Liz at Southern Highlands Cam advocates for community, responsibility, and sheer appreciation for the beauty in which we find ourselves.

Blue Ridge Blog: The life and times of a hillbilly photographer had to "leave the cool air of my mountain perch and descend into the suburban brawl of hell, er I mean Raleigh". We hope you made it home safely, BRB.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usOutside the Box volunteered in the Classic Company's annual Bilmore Classic Horse Show on the Biltmore Estate.

In a different vein altogether, Kittenouette, who resides on MSN blogs (bless her heart)< is totally pumped about her new video game, Battlefield 2.

The Everyday Adventures of a Theatre-crazed God Boy (no, I'm not making that up) asks "Why are reality shows so fake?".

Pop the Cap is a single-issue advocacy blog working hard to raise the alcohol cap on beers from its current 6% to a more robust 15%. If you have any interest in good beer, go read this blog and find out what happened in Georgia when they did almost the same thing.

The curmudgeonly Notes From the Culture Wasteland is picking on Lance Armstrong for not rising to better values.

Image Hosted by

Anton Zuicker, aka Mister Sugar (home of the Coconut Wireless Weblog), has a little girl who's just started sleeping in her big girl bed.

Allison Wonderland at Unlaced Corset shares snippets of her exciting life.

Urban GypZ UnravLZ at Stitch and Bitch when her new blog template won't let her post pictures.

Political blogger, Dirty Greek, asks if Biofuels are worth the trouble.

This site is on Uptown Ruler's list of sites to add to our blogroll, go surprise Huw Raphael at Sarx: Pray Globally. Act Salvificly. He's "an Orthodox Christian working out his salvation in Asheville, North Carolina, CSA. I blog a good number of things here, sometimes religious, sometimes not."

Tingle Alley blogs about literature, the publishing industry, and the lives of Mr. and Mrs. Tingle.

My home blog, Scrutiny Hooligans, is a shocked appraisal of the Bush administration and the times in which we live (plus an excellent RadioBlog). Here's the Hooligan roundup of the latest despicable measures taken by the President in the Abu Ghraib torture scandal.

Waterfall at A Sort of Notebook is a hiker/writer/blogger who's working on a novel of her own.

If you want to see the cutest knitted hats on the blogaround, they're at me & mine.

He's away from Asheville for the summer, but Vespere Hesperian at The Stars That Usher Evening Rose is having great time with his folks.

Matt Mulder of 1000 Black Lines: A cafe serving design, writing, culture from a coffeehouse junkie, performed at Beanstreets' open mic night.

Jeremy Brett at his blog, aptly titled "blog", discovered another site called Open Secrets, "where people send anonymous postcards revealing their darkest secrets to this guy, and he posts them. It's alternately amusing, frightening, depressing and relieving...the latter because it's good to know other people have the same twisted thoughts I do."

Downtown Asheville, which has aspirations to be a community cyber-hub with forums, blogability, and press releases, announces a Grovewood Gallery Exhibit.

Susan at world-famous Easy Bake Coven has her daily look into life and the arts.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usModern Peasant has been blogging since (gulp!) 1999, back when computers were made of wood and sinew, and he invites you to take a look at his latest creation.

Syntax of Things, "i think i just corrupted a little kid a few minutes ago." The poor kid had never seen the "digitus impiticus".

The biggest little blog in Asheville is DEMbloggers. Piloted by Brian Hopkins, this site has gone from 0 to 100,000 hits per week in less than three months. Today's top post, from contributor Ron Chusid, is "Librarians Protest Patriot Act Provision"

Sweet Tea, the bloggy home of Mountain Faerie and her hubby (BlogAsheville's html guru, Uptown Ruler), took their little one to the pool. This kid is seriously cute.

For the best local media criticism and local political coverage around, no one is doing it better than the crack team at Ashvegas: a real mountain metropolis. Ashvegas just got back from Las Vegas and didn't find the American Dream they'd sought.

Last but certainly not least is Asheville Music Blog, headed by Funk-o-Meter. This blog allows any of its readers to also contribute. One guest posted this lament about the state of WNCW. Go read, write, or just listen to the all-local RadioBlog.

Thanks, all you Asheville area bloggers, for doing what you do as well as you do. And to those bloggers listed on the blogroll who didn't make the blogaround, Ashevillains say, "Get to bloggin', Bloggy McBloggersons". Any of our contributors who'd like to put together the blogaround next time, just leave a comment or email the Ruler.

It's an amazing smorgasbord of homegrown goodness. Keep it coming.


Anonymous said...

Screwy and Uptown, wonderful work here! You guys are truly the glue that holds the Ashvegas blogosphere together. I'm very impressed.

We should get together during Bele Chere and share a brew and some blogga knowledge. I'll send you an e-mail.

Thanks for all the hard work you're doing here. It does a body good!


syntax said...

a bele chere blogger meetup could be doable...

Screwy Hoolie said...

BeleChere meetup? ok.
I'm thinking either Friday night or Sunday...

Jenanne said...

Always a pleasure to be reminded of the excellent blogging that goes on in Asheville! Thanks for the mention!

Edgy Mama said...

Wow. Great work! Now I have to check out all these blogs!

Friday night at Bel Chere is best for me.

syntax said...

friday night for me, too - i think the freight company that is currently holding our furniture hostage is going to release it on saturday.

i might even be able to talk h into coming along for the ride!

Anonymous said...

very nicely done, screwy


1000 black lines said...

Yes, very nice spectrum of bloggers.

Marie said...

Great mountain blog roundup. Just look at all the people I get to meet. Thanks.