Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Anti - Bele Chere

Well, I personally enjoy Bele Chere. Even when I was more into the "Punk Scene," which I wasn't actually very into, but just enjoyed the music, I liked Bele Chere. It's just fun. You can watch drunken rednecks, hippies, and people from all walks of life enjoy themselves on the streets of one of the greatest cities in the country.

However, some people like to protest even something like Bele Chere, and at least the last few years I can remember, Green Eggs and Jam, at 82-A North Lexington Ave, has held "Anti-Bele Chere." I'm not sure if they're doing it this year, since Green Eggs apparently changed its name and their website is down, but I'd suggest checking it out anyway. Even if you like Bele Chere, the crowd in the area of Green Eggs and the Lexington head shops is worth a look, and the music emanating from the sweaty, loud crowd inside Green Eggs (or whatever it's called now) is nothing if not interesting.

Here's a short blurb about it; if you know anything else, please post it.


syntax said...

yeah, they're called static age records now (named after the song by the misfits, probably). haven't heard anything about an anti-bele chere thing happening there, though...

introspectre said...

What most of us bitched about years ago was the fact that us locals were overrun by tourists. That was the biggest complaint, just hanging out at Vinny's and wanting to be left alone. Bele Chere is great if you're not agoraphobic, I suppose. But the rednecks brawling just drove me insane.