Friday, August 19, 2005

Blogapalooza BBQ and Freedom March Update

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This weekend's gathering is coming together nicely, and we're getting new RSVPs every day. Here's the list of current confirmed attendees:

Scrutiny Hooligans, Screwy Hoolie and Uptown Ruler
Sweet Tea, Mountain Faerie
DEMbloggers, Brian Hopkins
BadAss, Chris S.
The Syntax of Things, Syntax
1000 Black Lines, Mx Mulder
Modern Peasant, Chris
Tingle Alley, Mr. Tingle
Hangover Journal, Felicity
The Stars That Usher Evening Rose, Vespere Hesperian

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usand the maybe coming:
Mountain Xpress, Steve Shanafelt
Bird on the Moon, Jaybird
Ashvegas, Ash
Easy Bake Coven, Susan
Sarx, Huw Raphael
Mindtonic, Jay Sanders

and the we're frickin' heartbroken because she can't come:
Edgy Mama, Anne Fitten Glenn and EnviroSpouse

The rest of you bloggers, get on the e-horn to Uptown Ruler at for directions.

We're asking those of you who are attending to volunteer to bring something of the following:

Vegetarian Dishes including veggie burgers
Potato Salad
Any Salads anyone wants to make
And then Mediterranean dips or Hummus and chips

The shindig runs from 4 'til 9ish, rain or shine. I can't wait to see you again and to meet you for the first time!


me said...

Not a blogger, but a Darter . . just wanted to let you know fall league sign up will be soon (next month or so)
and yes the web site needs some work

Basic rules for a team
4 - 6 folks who like beer
and a home bar somewhere in bumcombe county . . (there are exceptions for hendersonville)

ash said...

Screwy, unfortunately, work calls. I send my regrets to all. But maybe we can get together in coming weeks for a brew or two. I never feel like we get enough time to talk, and i need more of your massive blog knowledge and bon vivance. Have fun, and drink one for me.

Edgy Mama said...

Y'all have fun!

I'm trying to talk Ash into coming with me late (all work, and no fun, Ash...). I may give you a call, Screwy, when my family duties are done, to see if the party is still happening. Don't turn off your cell.

Screwy Hoolie said...

No Problem, EM. I'm glad to hear you're allowing for the possibility.

Bad Ass hasn't contacted me yet. Do you know anything about this?

Ash, it's the First Annual Blogapalooza BBQ and Freedom March for chrissakes! Any boss would understand...

Anonymous said...

Hails to the author of this blog.
Go forth with darkness.

1000 black lines said...

It doesn't look like I'll be able to make it to the Blogapalooza BBQ. Maybe next time. Thanks for the invite.