Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Leading Innovation: Implementing Effective 1:1 Learning Technology Programs

I'm sitting, listening to David Warlick at The William and Ida Institute in Raleigh, North Carolina, talk about technology and innovation in the classroom. Wow! If you are an educator, I highly recommend checking out The Landmark Project as well as David

This is all a part of the 1:1 Laptop Intiative for the state of North Carolina; a very exciting program which makes technology available to students in classrooms all over our fine state.

Just a side note: David spoke at Asheville High School about 5 years ago, during which he mentioned his book about blogging in the classroom. At the time, I was teaching students how to blog using blogger, and it was refreshing to learn that other folks were pushing the technology envelope with students!

Flat out, check him out!

Thank you, David!

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