Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Vortex Cabaret July 15th

The next Vortex Cabaret is happening July 15th. It will feature the comedy rantings of Sister Discordia, and the avant garde music of Forrest, the avant garde puppetry of Madison, and the good ol' fashioned burlesque of Theatre de Fetiche.
The Vortex Cabaret is a series of live variety shows, staged at the Boiler Room on 11 Grove Street. They feature the most interesting performers in Asheville, with acts ranging from musicians, to belly-dancers, to comedians, or performance artists, to poets, to puppeteers, to burlesque artists, and more. It is a show that must be seen to believed.
The Vortex Cabaret is a production of Pleasure Saucer Productions. Please visit the Pleasure Saucer for more information.

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