Thursday, July 09, 2009

July 22 "Whaledreamers" Doc Supports Local Activist's Dream

From a press release:

WHALEDREAMERS documentary to be shown at Fine Arts Theatre, July 22, at 7pm.

"Indigenous wisdom has never been more relevant for humanity than now" - Julian Lennon

(Asheville, NC) Local artist and activist Katie Kasben will be traveling to Australia in August to begin researching the possibility of a cultural exchange program between Aboriginal Australians and Native Americans. While there she will attend the GARMA Festival in the Northern Territory of Australia, which is a festival of traditional Aboriginal culture.

To raise local awareness of Aboriginal issues as well as the future exchange program Kasben hopes to accomplish, the documentary WHALEDREAMERS, produced by Julian Lennon, will be shown at the Fine Arts Theatre on July 22, at 7pm.


The ancient sound of the yidaki (didjeridu) is a call to all people to come together in unity, for the sharing of knowledge and culture, and to learn from and listen to one another. Local musicians will be on hand to play this sacred instrument and hopefully inspire our community of Asheville to learn from ancient peoples on the other side of our planet. This event is free to the public, but a suggested donation of $10 will defray film costs.

To keep the Asheville community involved, Kasben will be posting updates on her blog during the trip to Australia, culminating in a future discussion in Asheville later this year. The blog address is

For information about the GARMA festival:

For information about the documentary WHALEDREAMERS:

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