Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Tales from the Wood: I'm Having

Hope y'all are doing better!


misseill said...

Oh, man, this bites. I'm so sorry!

Jennifer Saylor said...

So sorry, Jim!

You made me think of this:


zen said...

I hope the sucker got stung heavily! So very sorry to see that, Jim.

Jim Jenkins said...

Thanks gang. S/he ripped the top off and knocked over the other hive, but I went out and managed to put it back together. I just hope the queen is still in there. This one's a goner.

Needless to say they aren't in a very good mood either but despite being covered with pissed off bees I managed to get in and out without getting stung. Frank was a basket case watching me.

Off to look for an electric fence.

Edgy Mama said...

Oh, poor bees!

Everybody look for a bear with a swollen nose.

Kathryn said...

AUUGH! Stupid bears.