Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rising Appalachia Needs a New Musician

From Facebook -- local band Rising Appalachia needs a new permanent third musician. Maybe a hand percussionist, upright bass player, cellist, badass, or cucumber farmer:

...we are now officially putting our feelers out for a permanent third band member. By permanent we mean someone who will be ready and willing to tour with us for certain chunks of time throughout the year while working on recording projects and/or practice sessions on the off times. Perhaps the rest of the year the person would do similar side jobs as us... you know... mimeing in Venice, raising organic cucumbers on a small Georgia island, or involving themselves in 'save the world' type projects. Here are a few things we are looking for, yet, our minds are open to lots of alternatives:

~ we would prefer a HAND percussionist (tablas, djembe, dumbek, jugs, washboards, etc) but are equally as mezmorized by stand up bass and cello.

~ we like working with musicians who have some experience with being on the road. Its not for everyone... so it would be nice to find someone who already knew the tricks of the trade and was comfortable with its ups and downs.

~ the obvious: a badass. This meaning a open minded music lover and creator who will take on this project like it was their own. Someone who will join the Rising Appalachia mafia with some grace and funk.

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