Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Calling All Bloggers

I meant to bring this up at the Extrava, but all that beer didn't agree with my memory.

If you are on the BlogAsheville blogroll, you can get posting privileges. You can write original stuff, or just cross-post stuff from your main gig. Post your pictures, your good ideas, your raves, your observations, and whatever else you like. To get invited, just email blogasheville admin at blogasheville@hotmail.com

The only guidelines are that we try to keep politics off the page and keep anything terribly offensive at your own blog. In order to be inclusive, anything political in nature ought to just be event announcements and that sort of thing. Anything terribly nasty/gross/sexist/etc. ought to stay at your home blog.

1 comment:

Andrew Harvel said...

Sounds reasonable to me considering this has the look and feel of a community blog. No need to muddy the waters here.