Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Asheville's New Park

Chris Pelly sent this along:

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As of yesterday, October 20th, we have become the proud owners of a nine-acre tract on Maple Drive slated to become our next city park. Title transferred from private to public ownership via the Haw Creek Association and on to the City of Asheville in a simultaneous real estate closing on Monday.

With the help of many, we have succeeded in raising the $700,000 purchase price during our twelve month campaign. This became possible when the City of Asheville and Buncombe County, partnering with the Haw Creek Community Association, each committed to providing one third of the purchase price. Within the Haw Creek community our one third participation
translated into more than 160 families making contributions in support of the park.

Although we were able to close yesterday, it was only through the last minute help of a benefactor who loaned us the final $7,000 needed to meet our goal. Tax deductable contributions to the Haw Creek Community Association are still needed to repay this loan and may be mailed to the HCCA at P O Box 9193, Asheville, NC 28815.

As you may recall, plans for the Maple Drive property call for a walking trail linking the Haw Creek valley with the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Mountains-to-the-Sea Trail. Site design work has begun under the direction of landscape planner Dick Meehan. Please join us this Thursday, October 23rd when Dick presents his initial design concepts for the Maple Drive
property. He and the Asheville Parks & Recreation department want your feedback as we begin the next phase of the park’s development. Dick’s program will be part of the association’s quarterly meeting on October 23rd at 7PM in St. John’s Church, 290 Old Haw Creek Rd.

Finally, and in the interest of full disclosure, I played two roles during this real estate transaction. First, as the real estate broker who wrote and negotiated the purchase contract. And second, as association president representing you at closing. A fair question someone might ask is whether I earned a commission or personally profited during this transaction. A commission was paid by the sellers to the agent/company representing the sellers (not me) but no commission to the buyer’s agent/company (me).

Lastly, I am once again amazed how a group of ordinary neighbors can take a good idea and turn it into reality. So many of you have inspired me with your selfless efforts. And working together we are succeeding in creating a nature preserve in the midst of our valley that will be used and enjoyed for generations to come. Good work Haw Creek!!!

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