Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dream Of Being The Leading Man?

I'm not qualified for the part, but maybe you know someone...

Local production company is still in need of an actor to play a gay African-American for a new serial being filmed in Asheville and the nearby area.

Marcello Lanfranchi told OIA “I’m Still looking for an African-American male actor in his mid-30s to play Detective Cole Washington in Tomorrow Waits For No One.” Lanfranchi is the creator, head writer and executive producer Tomorrow Waits For No One.

Tomorrow Waits For No One is going into production this month. The pilot episode will be shot in and around Asheville, NC. Santa Lorena Productions is seeking someone to take advantage of this unique amateur opportunity. Santa Lorena Productions is a sponsored project of the Asheville Area Arts Council.

“Detective Washington is queer and will be romantically linked to lead Marcus Lazano.”

Tomorrow Waits For No One began filming this we but scenes with detective Washington have been rescheduled to a later. Filming should take place evenings and weekends in and around Asheville throughout October and November.

Although the serial is being filmed in Asheville, the setting for the storyline is actually the fictional town of San Marcello, California. Several characters, in addition to Detective Washington, are representative of the LGBTQ community.

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