Saturday, October 18, 2008

All Hands On Deck

The Good News is that Felicity was able to buy the house on Riverview! She got organized, hired some movers, and was all set and ready.

The Bad News is that the movers showed up then told her they wouldn't do the moving for her.

So now she's stuck with a house ready to move and no movers.

Can you help Felicity move? If you've been following the pattern of nightmarish badness that's been pursuing Felicity, and you've been wondering how you could help - This is it.

Call Felicity at 242-6901 anytime today to find out where she is and what you can do.


Uptown Ruler said...

if i wasn't laid up in bed w/ a pinched nerve i'd be there. =(

love to know the name of the non-moving moving company so we can let people know what to not expect when one doesn't hire them.

George the Bastard said...

Just got done "helping" as much as I could. The non-movers were "a pair of masculine identified gender and an articulated vehicle"

zen said...

We even managed to get the damn couch that the beefy mooovers said wouldn't go thru the door into the family room and is now resting comfortably thank-you-very-much!!

And a huge big boisterous YAAY! That Fliss is in da hood!

xty said...

veni, vedi, veci

or something.
g'night. So many laughs.