Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Superhero 5k

From the press release - read the whole thing here:

"Asheville Brewing Co. presents its second annual Superhero5k race: Participants will once again don their capes and tights and power up at the start line on November 8. Money raised will benefit Asheville Police and Fire and Rescue departments! Girls on the Run will also be running this time around, too...be on the lookout for these Wondergirls!

Police and Fire and Rescue run for free!

Saturday, Nov. 8
• 3-4:15 pm registration, packet pick-up and chip pick-up.
• 4:30 race begins
• 6:00 awards @ 77 Coxe ave.

Register online or by mail only. No drop-offs please.

On-line link, www.superhero5k.com On-line registration for this event
closes on 11-05-2008 at 4:30 PM.
• Before Wednesday, October 01, 2008: Individual Participant: $23.00
• Before Wednesday, November 05, 2008: Individual Participant: $25.00


Gratuitous said...

Speaking of APB, some folks are getting up an impromptu Beer & Bingo session at APB, which will have the debate on the big screen. Yes, that's right, Palin cringe-words scattered at random on a bingo card in the shadow of those shapely yet repulsive gams. There might even be a prize for the winner. Or it could be a drinking game, wherein everybody wins. Regardless, those of us who are gleefully looking forward to Thursday night wouldn't mind make a drunken debacle of it. Moans and groans and laughter and gasps of disbelief and sloppy cries of pleasure. I don't care how you get here.

Edgy Mama said...

Downtown or Merrimon Ave?

I imagine the Drinking Liberally crowd will be watching as well at the downtown locale.

Gratuitous said...

It's still in the works, EM, but that's okay, as it's still over 24hrs away. My friend Tony thought about the Merrimon one at first, but I reminded him how crappy the game-room projector is, and so he is about to ask the downtown's APB boss about incorporating their evening with ours. Plus it would be good to hang with the DL folks, wouldn't it?

If it's allowed for money to exchange hands, Tony would like to also make this a benefit for the 120 dogs that were seized and are now being euthanized. Not that a few bucks could do anything to stop these critters from being killed, but he won't listen to the argument that they basically have no chance anyway, as they are dangerous. He's a big-hearted guy.

So the answer is... I have no idea yet. I've been drawn into helping a friend by creating and printing these cards, but I fear it's too late to attach a local cause. Which location is your preference? Merrimon? I've heard that you're an expert on that one, because you can see it from your home.

Gratuitous said...

Sorry, BlogAsheville, for being so far OT.

Okay, the cause is now http://danbeahm.blogspot.com/2008/09/donate-to-planned-parenthood-in-sarah.html , and the location is Coxe Ave. Bingo cards will be at the ready for those of you who don't drink quite so much or don't have the self-control to reduce Arratik's drinking game recipe to a fourth (closer to a non-alcoholic amount). Decisions, decisions. Coxe ave could be cold, but last time there were hundreds there. Merrimon is worth going to just in case Edgy Mama will be there. And then there's the Hooligans' liveblog, which was so much fun last time. Ahh, I love a good hanging. More rope, gal?

Gratuitous said...

In case anybody is still following this ridiculously off-topic thread, the bingo is off. I just don't have the time (via Excel) to randomly sort 124 words and phrases for 100 unique 25- or 50-grid cards, add clever graphics and go to print. Sorry. Besides, drinking games are really the way to go, provided we sip from cocktail straws.

See you there! I'll be the one with my eyes and ears covered half the time, like a little girl at a scary movie.

Edgy Mama said...

I'll see you at Coxe Ave., G!