Wednesday, October 01, 2008

George "The" Bastard Says...

George has a great writeup of the Extrava over at his place. Here's an excerpt:

Jennifer Saylor kept touching my arm. If she has good luck from this, I could be the next Blarney Stone

Xty called me attractive and charming, so she must have been completely wasted

Gordon at one point put a traffic cone on his head and wouldn't take it off - maybe there are auditions for "Pirates of Penzance" somewhere

Reverend Johnny had to leave to go play a show with his band, but he didn't know when or where. I hope they just set up somewhere random and played until they were thrown out

I bumped into a guy named Clay (who works at the recording studio where I took my "Davinci Teabag") photo at different parties on Friday and Saturday. Weird.

Sorry to everyone I drunk dialled... especially those I drunk-dialled more than once

Julie had to leave way too early, but had some great stories of how single girls react at the last stop of the Brews Cruise, which makes me want to go on one

I think I killed any possibility of original George "the" Bastard material ever being published by Mountain Xpress, though I did see Ashevegas in the flesh, really I did

In my next life I will be Short Street Cakes fork-boy

If I do a double act, it will be George "the" Bastard and Carlos "the" Mexican

Matt Howard goes into a robotic trance if you ask him when his show is on and reels off a promo. He will then go straight back into interviewer mode

I don't know if Edgy Mama was trying to get in to or out of that t-shirt, but she succeeded


Short Street Cakes said...

You are already a stellar fork-boy! best fork-boy EVER! (that sounds dirtier than it really is, really)

Jennifer Saylor said...

I think Jodi should call her fan club the Fork Boys Brigade.

Jason Bugg said...

Someone told me that George was funny. I guess I missed that part.

Uptown Ruler said...

funny is the shape of your head, jason

Edgy Mama said...

I think you're cute too, George. And funny!

Jason Bugg said...

It's official: everyone at BlogAsheville (save me) has horrible taste and is remarkably unfunny.

I hope Sarah Palin is the next president. You people deserve her.

Gordon Smith said...

I wonder what your intentions are, J-Bugg.

Jason Bugg said...

My intentions are every bit as honorable as yours were the day you met your wife.

Turns out George was unfunny back then also.

Seriously, I'd rather watch my grandma die again than listen to that.