Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Lusty Monk? Local Mustard.

(Lusty Monk mustard, "Original Sin" flavor)

This C-T article looks at WNC-based companies making local sauces, jams, mustard, olive oil and munchie chips sold in Asheville groceries and restaurants:
  • Lusty Monk Mustard (a Western Carolina history student discovered a Victorian mustard recipe, tried it at home, and started serving it with pretzels at the bar where she worked)
  • Imladris Farms (fifth-generation Fairview farm; you've had their jams at Sunny Point Cafe in Best Asheville)
(Love to see our resident foodie weigh in on these.)


Edgy Mama said...

I've tried and loved all of these. My fave is the Lusty Monk--which is getting rave reviews. I've seen recent write-ups on the spicy mustard in Mt. X, Atlanta's Creative Loafing, and Asheville's Verve Mag.

Also, you didn't mention the Ulli Mama's chocolate truffles--pricey, but amazing raw, organic chocolate.

shadmarsh said...

People do write-ups on mustard?

Adam said...

I like mustard. A lot. I'm quite happy to be kept abreast of the latest comings and goings. Thank you.

Jennifer Saylor said...

Adam, meet Shad. Shad is a bit of a character, but he's cool. I promise.

George the Bastard said...

Throw in another three thumbs up for the Lusty Monk mustard - you can always have it on pretzels at Dirty Jacks.

Adam said...

Jennifer -

I'm hip to Shad... been around for awhile.

Carry on.

Jennifer Saylor said...

@ Adam: :0)

Gourmet Grrl said...

My personal, thrilling account of said mustard can now be found up on shewhoeats. Always up for a food challenge, any day.

shadmarsh said...

I thought it was a legit question.

Admin said...



Gordon Smith said...

Say you have some mustard.

I have a spoon.

My spoon stretches all. the. way. over. here.

I Eat Your Mustard.

I. Eat. Your. Mustard!