Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Breaking Parkside news: City Hall magnolia to be cut down?

According to the Mountain Xpress, developer Stewart Coleman hand-delivered a letter today to the demonstrators who have held vigil under the City Hall magnolia for over a month.

The letter says that Coleman's realty company plans to cut down the tree and demolish the nearby Hayes and Hobson building “sometime after 35 days from today’s date.”

(Image of City Hall, magnolia and protesters by Bill of AshVillein)

The magnolia vigil group has responded.

Urgent Press Conference: Magnolia Tree, Noon, Thursday, August 7th In Front Of Asheville City Hall

Parkside Condominiums opponents will hold a press conference tomorrow at noon, Thursday August 7th in front of Asheville City Hall to release the contents of a letter threatening to kill the magnolia tree and demolish the nearby historic Hayes & Hobson building within a newly specified time period. The letter was hand-delivered to Coven Oldenwilde on Tuesday by Parkside developer Stewart Coleman.

Magnolia tree watchers will respond to the letter by outlining their new plans to reject Coleman’s ultimatum and save the tree and the building.

Mountain X article here.


puggerhugger said...

A clear case of good vs evil. Corporate greed vs mother nature. *sigh*

Gordon Smith said...


Come out tomorrow and bring a sign saying so. There'll be plenty of press on hand, guaranteed.

The same goes for anyone. Bring as many folks out with you tomorrow as you'd like. Since the press is likely to characterize those present as representing the opposition, it would be great to accurately represent the breadth and depth.

shadmarsh said...

I think this is more of a case of incompetent and/or corrupt local government.

Gordon Smith said...

I think it covers all the bases...