Friday, May 02, 2008

Asheville Transit System to run extra buses to UNC-Asheville for Michelle Obama visit.

Heads up: Use the bus to get to UNC-Asheville tonight. It's easier for everyone involved... especially you, since you won't have to get stuck in traffic or fight for a parking spot.

In anticipation of heightened traffic on Friday night due to Michelle Obama’s visit to UNC-Asheville, Asheville Transit System will run a bus every 15 minutes from the downtown station at 49 Coxe Avenue next to the U.S. Post Office, from 4:30pm to 9:30pm.

“The extra route is on top of the regular bus service UNC-Asheville receives,” said Mariate Echeverry, interim transit manager “We want to reduce traffic congestion, decrease the chance of accidents, and make parking at the University more available for people with disabilities.”

"The last bus leaves UNC-Asheville at 12:45 am., so there is little chance of anyone being stranded,” said Echeverry.

University and City of Asheville officials are urging people to use the Asheville Transit System for Michelle Obama’s Friday night visit. Supporters are expected to flood onto campus in the early afternoon, backing up traffic and making parking for students and faculty nearly impossible.

“It’s better for visitors if they use public transit – not only because of space limitations, but for the environment as well,” said Yuri Koslen, Transportation Planner at UNC-Asheville.

For additional information about bus routes to UNC-Asheville, call 253-5691 or visit


1000 black lines said...

With anticipated increase in traffic, I found the ATC less than capacity... seemed like the usual Friday night crowd. In fact, there was only one woman on the bus who actually knew Michelle Obama would be at UNCA.

Gordon Smith said...

I rode the bus per your suggestion, Paul. It was fun.

Moss said...

Who is this Yuri Koslen guy? Sounds like a hippie from Evergreen State College. Maybe he should go back to Bella Coola with no brakes!