Monday, May 05, 2008

Voting Day!

BlogAsheville is, of course, an inclusive community that doesn't specialize in any sort of political stance. In the spirit of ecumenism and in the light of our moment in the national spotlight tomorrow, I thought I'd cruise our local blogosphere to see what folks are saying.

Ashvegas has predictions.

A Year In Asheville captured Free Hugs and Silver Statue Girl.

Cecil Bothwell (who's running for Buncombe County Commission) has a post on the weird robocalls.

Kai Schwandes at Brainshrub has a history of North Carolina ballot access.

Chasing The Bread Truck was a Hillary supporter, but she's switched to Obama.

Eat Bees looks at Obama's controversies and responses.

A Girl Named Boo unbunches your panties with a public service announcement.

Appalachian Scribe asks if Hillary is closing the gap in NC.

Hillbilly White Trash is perseverating on Obama's vague associations.

Jennifer Saylor offers a Grassroots Guide to Neighborhood Political Volunteerism. She also writes her picks for the Democratic primary.

Liminal Screeds has Obama on Asheville's Abbey Road.

Mountain Xpress has oodles:
- Michelle Obama at UNCA
- Local candidates fundraising information
- Their voter guide to the County Commissioners and Republican Congressional candidates

Pancho's Via links to the fun New York Times graphic journalism on Asheville and Yancey County.

Petulant Rumblings is a hedonistic hailstorm of politics. Just go read.

randallt says that Hillary is making it hard to like her.

Restless Mama went to Barack The Vote.

Scrutiny Hooligans, like Petulant Rumblings, is nonstop chock-a-block politics from national to county. I have a voting advice guide for folks if they're interested.

Bruce Mulkey covered Michelle Obama's visit to UNCA.

The Mills River Progressive goes off on the extended primary season in Make It Stop, Part II.

The War In Context has more on how ridiculous the Wright thing is.

Thunder Pig has a teaser of the Republican Gubernatorial candidate debate in Asheville.

Pokey Sticks and Politics has photos of Chelsea Clinton.

Undercover Blue is also loaded with thoughtful political posts. I can't pick one. Go read.

What To Expect When You're Expecting went to see Bill Clinton at Asheville High School.

Where's the Outrage? is Dr. Errington Thompson's ongoing political infofest. Like so many other excellent political blogs in this town, you'll have to go read it because I can't pick anything.

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