Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dazzling Urbanites

The hottest "absurdist folk-punk collective" band in town, Sirius.B, will rock this Saturday, May 3rd at The Rocket Club in west Asheville. They were voted "Best Unknown Band" by the readers of Mtn. X last year, and the gig is to announce the release of their new CD "Dazzling Urbanites". You can buy tickets here (special deal if you order the CD and ticket at the same time). To get a feel for the band, you can check out the tunes at their website, or read what Mountain X reporter Alli Marshall had to say:
"Absurdist folk-punk collective Sirius.B may be fairly new to the Asheville music scene, but their sound harkens back to an earlier era. Or eras, perhaps."

The group is a scene unto itself, for starters. They packed their Saturday, Oct. 13, appearance at Bobo Gallery with a collection of punk street musicians, belly dancers, arty types in granny dresses and well-coifed fashionistas. Booties were shaking. Exotic dance steps were being executed. It was rather what one would imagine Athens, Georgia’s 40 Watt Club to have been like in the early days of R.E.M.

Only with more gypsy leanings. And Pancho “Chris” Bond’s sometimes snarling vocals would likely have frightened shy ‘80s Michael Stipe."
"I have to say it. There's a certain sense of unpredictability (perhaps staged, but palpable, nonetheless) and an undercurrent of righteous anger to Sirius.B's songs. Take the raucous, irascible "Francophile": emotive, danceable and fiery."
"Sirius.B, it’s worth noting, is far prettier than the Pogues. Or Gogol Bordello. On the whole, they may well deserve some sort of prize for being Asheville’s most aesthetically pleasing band — that is, if everyone could just get past their impressively irreverent, combustible, three-ring circus of sound."

This band is the hottest thing in town, and their opening act, Bootstraps Burlesque will undoubtedly warm up the room most salaciously.
"Bootstraps Burlesque is dedicated to the proposition that Burlesque Arts are created wild. We are endowed by our own sheer guts to the inalienable right to have a sassy good time.

Dinah Might is the cultivar of the field of flowers known as Bootstraps Burlesque. Bringing skilled dancers to the stage for creative explorations of the wider world of endertainment, she strives for quality from the pasties up."

Buy your tickets before you come to save a couple of bucks, and bring your dancing shoes.

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funkymono (aka Jeremy) said...

Loved them at the blogger party last fall, and I'm going to do my darnedest to make it to this show.