Monday, March 03, 2008

Appeal to the Masses

Anyone out there able to go through our source code and add a right sidebar, making BlogAsheville a 3 column blog?

It may be time for BlogAsheville 2.0

If you can, please email me at blogasheville (at) hotmail (dot) com


zen said...

I've been afraid to convert my old zenography web to 2.0 for fear of losing all that pretty data. The 2.0 does make the 3 column easy though...

(and i have little/no source code information, just stupid user tricks)

arratik said...

If you want two sidebars on the left, you might be able to shoehorn another left-floating sidebar between the existing sidebar and the content div. Adjust the header width to match (as long as the entire thing doesn't exceed 1000px) and you should be good to go.

(this'd be BlogAsheville 3.0, if my count is correct...)

Thunder Pig said...

You can use this blogger hackif ya want.
My advice is to save the source code 1st, in case you goof up.

I got my source code for my blog here.

He has several three column hacks on his sidebar.

Why re-invent the wheel if someone smarter has already done the work?

My only price is a shout out if this info has proven of use.

Admin said...

thank you, thunderpig, where i like those templates, the one we are presently using is not an original blogger template; therefore, that hack ain't gonna cut it.

Admin said...
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Hendersonville Epicurean said...

Try this link:

It will take you to a "how to" article that's really good/clear/sepcific steps.

The author Ishan De Silva is pretty accessable if you need help.

I just recently took the plunge, changing from one original 2 column Blogger template to a completely different 2 column template and then modified it to a 3 column. Scary. I think Ishan's guide would help you even though you're not using an original template.

Just be sure to backup your code first! Especially back up your widgets (page elements) seperately.

Good Luck!

Hendersonville Epicurean said...

Oh, by the way, for SEO it's recommended that you have the largest column on the left and the two smaller columns on the right because pages are loaded left to right. I was originally going to have the smaller columns on the left and right for asthetic reasons, but decided to go for SEO instead.

modpez said...

i have been using an old "classic" column template that i coded myself so avoided updating to the new blogger. but after awhile w/out archives i took the plunge. it's still very much day by day add a piece. the most difficult part for me is creating widgetys that replicate various items i had in sidebars. i'm using html widgets and i think you edit in three different places to create one.