Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Community Media Strategy Session 3/15

Asheville area Community Media mavens are gathering again. Our February strategy session produced some excellent ideas, one of which I'll ask for suggestions about in a couple of paragraphs.

First thing first though. Our next Community Media Strategy Session will take place March 15, 4:30pm - 6:15pm at URTV studios. James Wilson of Talk Asheville will present ideas for our Community Media Wiki at that time. I'll also put out a rough agenda in a few days and ask for everyone's input.

If you aren't on the Community Media email list (which is different from the BlogAsheville mailing list!), just shoot me a message at scrutinyhooligans AT yahoo SPOT cOm. Then I can keep you updated as things happen.

If you haven't taken the Priorities Survey, take a minute and do that now.

Cross promoting our various media was at the top of folks' priorities at the last session, and it's been good to see that a lot of people have been busily linking readers, listeners, and viewers to other media orbits. If you haven't yet taken the time to shout out to your favorite bloggers, radio hosts, artists, and television personalities, do it today. By pointing Community Media consumers to more of the same, we'll all become stronger.

Here's the part where I ask for comments and suggestions:

The last strategy session produced the idea of doing a Media Swarm on a topic, issue, or area. A Media Swarm is intended to draw attention to a specific topic via our various media. It also serves the purpose of making folks more aware of Community Media. There will be ideological agenda involved in choosing the topic. It'll be up to each person to decide how to address the topic. The inaugural Media Swarm is going to take place this month, and it's time to decide what we'll swarm around. Here are the ideas suggested so far in the Priorities Survey:

1. Issues that are effecting Asheville and her residents that our established media isn't following closely.
2. The potential of Asheville community media
3. Staples billboard, Asheville's energy footprint and any proposed peaking plant
4. co-option of new technology by entertainment industry, eg "news"
5. real coverage of asheville items, crime news, police oversight, development issues, quality of life
6. controversial local decisions by local police & council (e.g,. the prostitution "shaming" plan)
7. Transportation, local politics, local economy, local arts
8. Promoting local businesses (new and existing). Promoting areas and specific events outside of Asheville which often get ignored by WLOS and the Citizen-Times (for example, the upcoming QuickDraw event in Waynesville).
9. local neighborhood-level issues, culture/arts, and city council/local govt issues like development, crime/police, green practices, etc.
10. Issues that Conservatives and Liberals agree on
11. Graffiti, crime, local residents' dreams, invasive plants, local technologies, global climate change and how it affects asheville, local heroes, sound pollution, light pollution, city councils, asheville history, alternative religions
12. policing housing crime

Leave your suggestions in the comments and at the survey. We'll finalize the decision at the Community Media Strategy Session on March 15 and get to swarming one week later.

So let me know if you're coming or not coming, and invite everyone you think wants to get in on our growing unity. scrutinyhooligans AT yahoo PERIOD c om.


chall gray said...

shouldn't 1 be "affecting" ?

Gordon Smith said...

I just cut'n'pasted, chall.

You coming to the session on the 15th? What do you think we ought to do for our Media Swarm?