Friday, February 29, 2008

The Week At Mtn. Xpress

Brian Postelle is always hooking up the local bloggers over at Mountain X, so I thought we'd return the favor.

The Keep Asheville Weird contingent lost a major landmark in west Asheville. Gotta pay your taxes. Zen put pictures at the Mtn. X forum.

The Medford miasma is going to be fascinating right through the primary season. Cecil Bothwell's candidacy will benefit from his role in bringing Medford down.

Alli Marshall reads as much as my wife, but Alli writes a lot more reviews.

Jon Elliston asks the peanutty forum gallery,
"Over at, there’s been some vigorous discussion this week about the desireability of hiring a firm from out of town to coordinate Asheville’s new Downtown Master Plan. More than a few locals have expressed disdain for “outsiders” moving here.

Which begs the question, who are your favorite “outsiders” who have come to call WNC home? And why?"

The best answer so far is "Carl Sandburg".

Thanks Mtn. X for helping to promote Community Media!


Edgy Mama said...

And even if you're not getting married any time soon, you might enjoy my satirical take on green weddings in this week's Mt. X.

Thanks for the sweetness, Gordon! Happy weekend, all.

Kelly said...

I'm glad to hear of cecil's candidacy, he's a great guy.