Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Did You Take The Survey?

Hi everyone,

Thanks to the sixteen folks who completed the Community Media Strategy Session pre-meeting survey. I'm using this survey as something of an RSVP count, so I'm excited to see you all this Sunday at 1pm. I'm still hunting a venue. The west Asheville library is closed that day. I'm hunting a couple of spots down. I'll announce the location later this week and send it on to the email list.

Also - Are there any preferences for moderator? If not, I'm taking it on.



zen said...

all i know is that i can't be the moderator, i'm a photographer. Besides, i'm too wimpy and unstructured. I think you'd make a great moderator Gordon. I think you have a great way of restating what was said to spur on multilogue.

Gordon Smith said...


That's exactly right, zen.

We've got a location now - The Boardroom at Pack Place, Sunday, 1-3:30 pm.

We need snacks and drinks. Who's bringing what?

zen said...

Do you need donations for renting this Gordon? And i'll bring some fruitstuffs (and maybe cheese).

Gordon Smith said...

The room is being donated. All Hail.

So you don't need to bring any money, just bring your ideas, your problem-solving, innovation, and consensus building prowess.

Gordon Smith said...

22 Respondents now!