Thursday, February 07, 2008

Community Media Strategy Session 2/17

Hi everybody,

I emailed everyone who attended the Community Media Party at Rocket Club last weekend and chose the date and time that the majority said they were willing/able to attend. I'm sorry if this date and time excludes anyone, but know that it will not be the last meeting. Further, please take the survey previous to the Strategy Session, so all of you (plus the folks who haven't yet attended) can get your two cents in.

The Community Media Strategy Session will take place on Sunday, February 17th from 1pm - 3:30pm. I think we'll be at the West Asheville Library, but I haven't yet nailed the room down. Come back later this week to confirm the location.

I'm very excited to get together and formulate a common, actionable agenda. With our disparate media and intentions, it's going to be an exercise in give, take, and creative problem solving. Please bring your brains.

At this time, we're accepting nominations for a Strategy Session Moderator. Anyone can be nominated, though whether that person accepts will be up to them. We'll need someone who knows how to run a tight meeting, make sure everyone gets heard, synthesize ideas and information, and move us towards a common agenda. Leave your nominations in the comments.

Click Here To Take The Survey And Help Us Gather Information For The Strategy Session!

If you want to be included on the Community Media email list, please shoot me an email at scrutinyhooligans AT yahoo Do T cOm.

Thanks everybody!


Edgy Mama said...

Not sure why, but I've fallen off your e-mail listee. You know where I am.

Gordon Smith said...

I've got two lists now. One for BlogAsheville and one for Community Media. I'll put you on both, EM.

Gordon Smith said...

Also - Will all of you please link to this posts at your blogs and through your email lists?


Gordon Smith said...


I just learned that the west Asheville Library isn't open on Sundays, so please offer possible alternative meeting sites.

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