Saturday, February 02, 2008

BlogAsheville, MAIN, WPVM, and URTV event

Hi y'all. Sorry I had to cut out before the last drink was drunk, but this nasty cold has got my head feeling heavier than Carl Mumpower's moral compass. I'm posting this here to tell everyone to go to Cecil Bothwell's blog to read his liveblogging of the event.

I put together an email list of attendees, and I'll send y'all something soon about the future. We've agreed that something terribly organized will happen next. We'll come together to have a focused session on building a common, executable agenda within the next four weeks. It was very exciting meeting folks from all these various media who are passionately pursuing their goals. It was another great milestone in the evolution of BlogAsheville and in the growing community media sector.

We are stronger together.

Go read Cecil's post! Comment here, there, or everywhere about your impressions, ideas, and hopes for the future...


Bill In Asheville said...

Great first step. I had this to say. I am not sure everyone knows what it is the other people do, but I do feel there is a desire to put something together.
It was a good vibe in the room.

BooMrBill said...

This was a nice gathering and quite informative to this Asheville newcomer. I came with my online journal still running (in it's forth year - htp:// and an interest in evolving 360 communications.

There is a lot that can be easily done to aggregate our efforts (RSS for instance) and reflect each other content for a wider audience. That will require work and organization.

I hope to be at your/our next meeting.

BTW, the Rocket Club (and owner Kevin Nessle) were very accommodating. Good choice!

Gordon Smith said...

zen has some great photos of the event here

martyweil said...

This was a great opportunity and an inspiring gathering. It makes me feel good to be part of this community. Thanks for leading the discussion, Gordon. I'm even more energized about blogging and the bright future of community media.

Edgy Mama said...

Sorry I couldn't stay longer. Just long enough for a few hugs and to get in trouble for talking in the back of the room! Further proof that we never truly change.

I do want to continue to be part of this discussion. I think we can learn from open source management systems, which are hot in other fields at the moment.

Thanks for organizing, G!

AM said...

Sorry I was not able to make it out for this gathering, but can you please keep me in the loop about future get-togethers?


Gordon Smith said...

You bet, am!