Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Be A Front-Pager For BlogAsheville

In the early days of BlogAsheville the rule was, "Once you've come out to a BlogAsheville face-to-face gathering, and we've determined you're not criminally insane, you can have posting privileges at BA". Then we started having a lot of people come out to face-to-face gatherings and telling folks, "Just contact Uptown Ruler, and he'll send you an invitation".

Now we're getting it together to democratize the front-page even more. As of today, anyone with a blog on the blogroll can be a BlogAsheville frontpager. You just have to email Admin at blogasheville@hotmail DOT To the CoM and agree to follow a few simple rules:

-) BlogAsheville is not a political blog. Any opinion pieces with a political bent need to stay at your home blog. We're an inclusive community. If you've got informational stuff about the Libertarian Party meeting or the Wiccan sleepover at Lady Passion's house, you can certainly post that. Just leave your advocacy hat on the hatrack.

-) We'd like no more than 3 posts per day to keep the thing readable. That's not been a problem around here of late, but if a lot of you get involved, then we'll have to keep an eye on it. Pay attention before you post.

-) Admin has the right to edit your posts. It's never happened, but if there's a problem Admin can step in to correct it.

I think that's it for the rules. Are there some I missed?

Anyway - email Admin today if you want your front page privilege. You can use it to cross-post from your home blog and steer traffic there, or use it to create Asheville-centric content just for our community. Yes, you can!


Edgy Mama said...

Great move!

Something I've been wondering about for a while is why, if we're not a political blog, do we have an ad for the weekly Obama get-together in the sidebar?

I, personally, love the guy, but I'm not sure, if we stick to our anti-advocacy stance, we should promote BO in the sidebar.


Admin said...

we have mentioned numerous times that we will host buttons for various candidates or groups.

the obama group sent us an email asking for us to put up the button.


Admin said...

that said, perhaps we should remove it, and stay out of that fray?


Gordon Smith said...

The "policy" has been: Anyone who asks us to put something up gets accommodated. This would apply to Romney, Clinton, Paul, or Nader stuff.

Arwen said...

I think it is great you are opening up the blog even more.

mygothlaundry said...

I'm deeply disappointed that y'all didn't deem me to be criminally insane way back when. I mean, hell. It makes me want to go out and do some crimes, man.

In other news, is the new no-politics rule going to make the DL info go away? Because that would suck. I vote we grandfather in whatever politics already exist: i.e., the Obama button, the Drinking Liberally button and the Drinking Liberally announcements. But then, hey, I'm criminally insane. Or not.

ash said...

i like the MountainX and meet-the-geeks and MAIN and WPVM buttons. is there a way to share those so any blogger can put a workable button on their site?

Gordon Smith said...

I think it's no political posts, but anyone who contacts BlogAsheville can get their stuff on the sidebar. This will eventually be unwieldy, but it seems like a good enough guide for now...

(Jason - Uptown Ruler'll have to get that for you. email him?)

Mordewis said...

I have been to a party (the first Blogaversapaloozathon, and my spelling should prove something). I have a blog, which is more or less personal... not really commentary unless I feel like it, and probably don't need it plastered across the Internet. One the one hand, I am uncomfortable with everyone here reading it, but on the other hand you claim democratization and I've given you my address at least twice. I'm unclear on SOME concept obviously.

Admin said...

please send your blog link to www.blogasheville.blogspot.com

most folks send an email.

saying hey, i have a blog, please link me.

others send giant emails with an article they wrote, and the email at the bottom of it with near their name.

i never know what those folks are asking, because they dont ask anything...


i have to check the spam filter often as well, because some folks email gets sent there.

if we have offended, it was unintentional, forgive.

DM said...

SrutinyHooligans has a great Huckabee pic for the sidebar.

Admin said...

doh, send em to


im an idiot.

you know that.

moving on