Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's On: Community Media Strategy Session This Sunday

{pic from Community Media In Transition}

We've had 22 respondents to the Community Media Survey. The responses are fascinating, and I'll have them printed out for everyone to read. They provide a rough sketch of our diversity and commonalities. As a coagulating group of independent people, we'll have a lot of listening and a lot of consensus building to do.

The Community Media Strategy Session will take place in The Boardroom at Pack Place from 1pm - 3:30pm. I'm annoyingly punctual, so expect to start at one sharp. Parking may be tricky, so allow time for it. A thousand bloggy thanks to Heather Nelson at Pack Place for so charitably offering the space.

Zen volunteered to bring some fruit. What are you bringing? Tell me in the comments.

Here's directions and info.

Some things you indicated in the survey that you want for the session are (in order of importance):

- A round of introductions
- A "You've Gone On Too Long" Buzzer
- Small Group Breakouts
Consensus Model Decision Making (tie)
- Snacks and Drinks

Here's a proposed agenda. Consider it a work in progress, waiting for your input:

12:45 - eating some snacks, hanging out.
1 - Round of introductions (Who are you, what's your media, what do you want out of this session)
1:30 - Review of Survey results
1:45 - BREAK
2 - Break out into smaller groups to create a list of priorities and ideas. Narrow these into the small group's top three priorities/ideas.
2:30 - Return to big group. One person from each group presents priorities.
2:40 - Consensus build the big group's top three priorities
3:10 - Create Action Plan
3:30 - Adjourn

Thanks to everyone who's responded to the survey. If you're planning on coming to the session, please complete the survey.

I'm looking forward to meeting you all and getting something started.


timpeck said...

My work schedule prohibits me from attending. Video would be nice.

Gordon Smith said...


Anyone have a camera?

Edgy Mama said...

Thanks for all your hard work on this, Gordon. I did fill out a survey, but I can't make it Sunday because of other commitments. But I'll be interested to hear what comes from the meeting.

Bill In Asheville said...

22 people or so?
I will bring chips and dip... corn and potato, salsaish and cheesey, oniony and ranchish

Christopher Lowry said...

My work schedule also prohibits my attendance of this meeting.
A video or audio recording may be interesting, but I can't help but wonder why the meeting is being held on Thurday afternoon???? when most folks are at work, like me.
Why not on the weekend.

Best Wishes, Christopher Lowry

Christopher Lowry said...

After second reading I see that it is this Sunday.
See you there.

Boomer Bill said...

I'm interested but on travel so no analog attendance is possible. A little verbal and/or video summary will be appreciated. Hope I can make the next one.

ash said...

i'll bring camera, video camera.
something to munch...

Gordon Smith said...

Folks can liveblog it, too.