Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Warren Wilson Public Lecture & Reading Schedule

From Warren Wilson College's website, a condensed schedule of the MFA Program's public reading and lectures:

The public is welcome to attend the morning lectures and evening readings in fiction and poetry offered during the Master of Fine Arts Program for Writers’ winter residency. Events last approximately one hour. Admission is free. For more information, call the MFA Office: (828) 771-3715.

Readings will begin at 8:15pm in the Fellowship Hall behind the Chapel unless indicated otherwise.

by MFA faculty and graduating students
Thursday, January 3 : Brooks Haxton, Anthony Doerr, Barbara Ras, Dominic Smith
Friday, January 4 : Marianne Boruch, Charles D’Ambrosio, Van Jordan, Michael Martone
Saturday, January 5 : C.J. Hribal, Debra Allbery, Debra Spark, Steve Orlen
Sunday, January 6 – in Gladfelter, Canon Lounge : David Haynes, Betty Adcock, Victor LaValle, Heather McHugh
Monday, January 7 : Wilton Barnhardt, Jennifer Grotz, Maud Casey, Maurice Manning
Wednesday, January 9 : Gabrielle Calvocoressi, Megan Staffel, Ellen Bryant Voigt, Peter Turchi
Thursday, January 10 : Graduating student readings: Amy Cloud, Kira Obolensky, Henry Kearney, Matthew Simmons, Maeve Kinkead
Friday, January 11 : Graduating student readings: Sara Bauer, Kande Culver, J.J. Penna, Tom McHenry, Mark Prudowsky
Saturday, January 12 – 4:30pm, followed by Graduation Ceremony
Graduating student readings: Allison Paige, Justin Bigos, Sunil Rao, Scott Challener

Faculty Lectures
All lectures will be held in the Fellowship Hall behind the Chapel.
Friday, January 4 11:15am: MAURICE MANNING: In Kind: Some Thoughts on Sympathy
Wednesday, January 9
9:15am: DEBRA ALLBERY: ‘When Light Went Forth Looking for the Eye’: A Meditation on the Contemporary Ekphrastic Poem
Thursday, January 10 –
9:15am: JENNIFER GROTZ : The Pathetic Fallacy
Friday, January 11 – 9:15am
: DEBRA SPARK: New Wave Fabulism
Saturday, January 12 –
9:30am: HEATHER McHUGH: Matters of Letters
Saturday, January 12 –
10:45am: C.J. HRIBAL: Vision and (Re)vision

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