Friday, December 21, 2007

New Bloggers Abound

Art by Asheville Artist, Gabriel Shaffer

Ya'll, Welcome these new bloggery type folks to BlogAsheville!

Mountain Circus Arts
"Mountain Circus Arts is a character based entertainment company that has been serving Western North Carolina since 1992"

"The scissors are the barbers."

Realestate in Asheville
"Asheville Real Estate, Green Building, Sustainability & Random Thoughts"

Port Asheville
"The Internet Portal For Well-Informed Asheville"

"landslide advisory blog"

"known (by some), loved (by a few), and even dumber than anyone imagines"

Tao Student
"A Personal Site for Gary Ardito"

Happy Holidays! And a very happy ending to this 2007 year!

Art by Asheville Artist, Gabriel Shaffer


Sujaco said...

Welcome to Blogland, Asheville friends!

zen said...

Yes, welcome!! And i already have been watching StupidMommy on Flickr - her kids are so cute!

Randall said...

Late, real late, to the party, but thanks folks. Anyone know Albemarle?
Just visited this Wednesday.