Thursday, December 20, 2007

Asheville's Homebrew Holiday Music Mixes

Now that winter officially arrives this week, Christmas music seems more the order of the day. Unless you're a hardcore hater.

If you're not, here are two of my homebrew holiday mixes (which unfortunately require extra steps to listen). My promise to you is that my mixes have no stale Christmas crap, but do contain references to the drunk tank and winter in the Hamptons:

2006 mix (requires free Rhapsody player; fast download, no sign-in )

2007 mix (requires Napster free trial or you only get 30-second samples);
just click the button
Christmas Mix on Napster

Petulant's holiday selections are on his (their?) main page.
(Selections include the Miss Piggy version of "Santa Baby.")

If you have a mix of your own to share, leave a comment with a link...

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