Thursday, December 27, 2007

POP Asheville Festival - January 19, 20

Been feeling like you don't know enough about local bands to decide who to see? Pop Asheville is offering you the chance to see 31 of Asheville's hottest acts in two days at the Grey Eagle, The Rocket Club, and Stella Blue on January 19th and 20th.

"POPAsheville began as IdFest in 2003 with a one-night, 5-band, multimedia show meant to repay some bands who had helped Asheville band Stephanie's Id with shows on the road. The fest remained a one-night affair for a few years until April 2007, when it erupted into a 2-day, 2-venue event, showcasing 28 bands/acts over 2 nights in 2 venues on 3 stages. The fest also included a music biz panel discussion for musician attendees, a viewing of a recording session at Asheville's legendary Collapseable Studio, and a tour of the new award-winning state-of-the art Echo Mountain Studio.

The fest became too big for one band to manage. It was renamed POPAsheville, and lots of people started getting involved. Over MLK weekend in January 2008, POPAsheville (formerly IdFest) celebrates its second year as a venue-based music festival celebrating the uniqueness, artistry, and authenticity of Asheville’s modern music scene."

Here's who's playing:

Stephanie's Id
Seth Kauffman
Future Islaneds
The Electric Pearls
Night's Bright Colors
Violet Vector and Lovely Lovelies
Dave Turner Band
Dixie Dirt
Ruby Slippers
Killin Watson
Kings of Prussia
Ear Pwr
The Cheeksters
Banana or Terra
Charles Alllison
The Howlies
If You Wannas
The Poles
The Mend
One the Take
The Greenfields
Jon Scales

One very exciting aspect of this year's POP Asheville is having The Rocket Club open. Located in west Asheville across from newly minted The Admiral, The Rocket Club has been long awaited by we east-side-of-the-west-side denizens.

One $15 ticket will buy you access to all the shows at all the venues. It's easily the best music bargain you'll get in Asheville. Click here to see the schedule at all the venues and to purchase your tickets!


Kathryn said...

Can anyone explain why The Rocket Club chose to place its bathrooms in the front of the building, next to the big picture windows?

Gordon Smith said...

I'm guessing they'll obscure them at some point. 8-)

Sword Mama said...

That sounds interesting if we still lived there.

Hi Gordon! It's good to see that you're doing okay. :-)

Heather from WWC

Gordon Smith said...

Heather? Which Heather?

Sword Mama said...

The one who likes doritos a lot. I don't feel comfortable leaving my full name, 'cos of the internet thing ya know. I hope that can give you a clue... Oh, and I had a cat named Willy.