Friday, May 26, 2006

Bele Chere Lineup

Today I precognitively caught the scent of sun-baked, Budweiser soaked Newport smokers when Phidoux, whose blog looks fantastic, showed me the Bele Chere 2006 lineup. Love it or hate it, it's the biggest thing that happens in this town, and it's fantastically weird. Those with eyes, let them see.

I'm glad they're using a couple of pay stages to fund the festival. I'm glad the Bele Chere organizers never fail to raise the expected attendance. It's 350,000 this time. Can you fit that many sweaty South Carolinians into downtown Asheville?

It looks like the annual cries of "Where's the local acts?" have finally been heard, though there are dozens of excellent local bands that didn't make the effort or didn't make the cut.

Ash covered this event so thoroughly last year that he still smells of funnel cakes. Will he do it again? Will you?

Click Here For the Music Lineup


Anonymous said...

Hey, I thought Bele Chere was in July! I'm from S.C., and I'm not sweaty! ;) Used to live there at some crazy point in life tho'! :)

ash said...

o yes, Screwy. that heady mix of bohemian manfunk and Bud, mixed in with the scent of a scorched turkey leg and some suntan lotion, really gets me going.

only i need a new twist this year. don't worry, i'm on it...

ash said...

Lady, yes - Bele Chere is always the last weekend in July.

And i, too, lived in South Kackalackia at one crazy point in my life, but got sprung in the winter of '92.

syntax said...

seeing train headlining bele chere makes me really, really wish that foghat were available.