Thursday, May 25, 2006

Blog Asheville Blogaversary Celebration

Okay, my pretties, you can come up with a better name for this event I'm sure, so do it.

According to political blog king, Screwy, Blog Asheville's one year anniversary is fast approaching.

So we're going to party.

The gory details:

Date: Saturday, June 17

Time: 6:30 ish until the beer runs out or someone starts dancing nekkid in the treehouse, whichever comes first

Place: Pnavistan, home of just a few high-minded North Asheville liberals and two cats (if you've never been here, e-mail me for directions at janusatannefittenglenndotcom)

Who's invited: You. BA bloggers, Asheville bloggers, NC bloggers, their family members, blogger groupies, male strippers.

Dress: The less, the better.

Bring: Food to share. Alcohol, if you don't want beer. Prizes. A sleeping bag if you plan on being overserved.

This is a special occasion celebrating a year of organic group blogging: friendships forged, tears cried, beers quaffed, lives changed. Please join us.


Uptown Ruler said...


perhaps we can sacrifice an old dell to the blog gods?

Edgy Mama said...

Good idea, uptown. I actually have one in the basement!

Screwy Hoolie said...

What a good idea. An offering to the patron saint of blogging?

Prizes: This area is still up the air. While we're certain that prizes will be awarded, we don't know which superlatives we'll include, and we don't know what the prizes will be. If everyone could bring a wrapped prize of any variety, it will be put to excellent use.

theseus said...

even I will come out of the woodwork for this one...

Edgy Mama said...

Maybe we should do the high school superlative thing, Screwy--come up with categories beforehand and have all BA's readers and bloggers vote.

Screwy Hoolie said...

Here's a start - everyone please contribute more:

Most likely to Succeed

Biggest Jock

Most Likely to Lose His/Her Virginity Under the Bleachers

ash said...

This event could be called "Blogs on a Plane." But then we'd need Samuel L. Jackson, and something plane-like. So that won't work.

We might as well go with the biggest thing in the US these days and call it "Blog Idol One - The Search for Intelligent Life in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of This Crazy Thing We Call the Blogosphere."

Screwy, you can be Ryan Seacest. Edgy, you'll be Paula. We need a large black man for the Randy role. Syntax, you up for that?

Or something.

We really should come up with some good categories and prizes and get people to vote.

Most Likely to Blog Nekkid
Most Blog Spirit

That sort of thing.

Edgy Mama said...

Since you've already admitted to nifoc, Ash, you can have that prize.

Let's keep the categories coming:

Most likely to make $ blogging
Most likely to lose $ blogging
Most likely to ignore offspring to blog (oops, that's me)
Most likely to Robert Plant his/her laptop


Jim Jenkins said...

Most likely to blog drunk

Most likely to be arrested for sedition

Most meaningless post

Most meaningless comment

Most likely to Photoshop Charles Taylor's head onto some sleazy image;)