Saturday, May 27, 2006

Stubbornly Curious with Luke Tan

Luke Tan, wandering man, has put together a Podcast with a number of songs and prose, called Stubbornly Curiously NO 3. Seems Tan will be heading out, and this will be his last Podcast hoorah for Asheville for sometime.

Give it a listen! I really like Place in Time, myself.

via email

"Hello, My name is Luke Tan, and I've been hanging around Asheville for about a month, making a new podcast. All songs recorded at AMR studios in Asheville, and other than myself it is all Asheville musicians on it. Of course, seeing as I live on the road I guess I could call Asheville my home as much as anywhere else. It's four songs, about 20 minutes long. Two of the songs are directly related to Asheville. Rosetta's is, of course, about everyone's favorite vegetarian late night restaurant. And Place In Time is about someone who has left the area ,and a love, behind and longs to return."

via website:

"I’m here for my last night in Asheville releasing the latest episode of Stubbornly Curious. It’s got great music and great musicians, and I’m sure you will enjoy it! Recorded at AMR Studios, it has local musicians Will Little and Robin Cape and the following songs..."

Give it a listen
Listen Now:


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car said...

uptown, you need to come downtown and help move those filthy hippie tribe people out of Pack Place!