Monday, November 21, 2005

Against Widening I-26? Thank Charlie Taylor's Fear of Mexicans

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usOf course you'll have to thank him for punting the promise of Ellis Island too...
AC-T: "U.S. Rep. Charles Taylor says he wants immigration reform.

The Brevard Republican is among a group of congressman who drafted a letter to President George W. Bush asking for a comprehensive approach to stop illegal immigration across the country’s southern border.

The letter, along with constituent signatures, will be hand-delivered to the president in December.

Taylor also banded with four other Republican congressmen from North Carolina to file legislation threatening to halt federal highway money to the state unless the state makes it harder for illegal immigrants to get a driver license.

Some Western North Carolina lawmakers were baffled by the move. The General Assembly already took steps to tighten driver licensing laws before they adjourned in September.

The state budget also includes money for computer equipment to allow DMV workers to access national databases and verify identification for driver license applicants.

If the federal legislation is enacted, North Carolina would lose $890 million from its annual $3.6 billion transportation budget. That means that WNC road projects such as widening parts of Interstate 26 and adding two lanes on Interstate 240 could be delayed or halted."

Charles Taylor is a'feared of the mexican hordes swarming the mountains stealing our burrito stands and theme restaurants, living several families to a dwelling in order to save money and buy a home, building buck-pimpity auto detailing stations, and wooing Charlie's white women. But if you can stomach all that xenophobia and you're against the proposed widening of the I-26 corridor, you may be in luck. Taylor's brown-skinned bogeymen might get the funding cut out for the project. This is going to create a snakepit of cognitive dissonance for so many of us.

BlogAsheville, of course, never advocates for or against a particular candidate, nor will we ever endorse one candidate over another. I will be sending this post via email to Congressman's Taylor's office with an invitation for him to reply. Should he choose to do so, his reply will be reprinted in full without accompanying commentary.


syntax said...

does anyone here have access to lexis/nexus? because i'd be really interested to see just how many "local newspapers" that happen to be in areas with congressmen in danger of losing their seats are running similar stories about their "local representative calling for immigration reform". immigration reform is this year's gay marriage, and i'm fairly confident that a survey of local newspapers will confirm that.

(i also happen to think that "immigration reform" and "state's rights" are code-word synonyms for "racism", but that's for another blog...)

car said...

immigration reform and states rights are code words for "common sense" something filthy hippies who want to freeload off the feds wouldn't understand.