Saturday, November 19, 2005

Giblets, gravy, and guzzling revisited

I was honored to host several local (and one Greensboro) bloggas and their families at my humble abode/posh North Asheville villa last night. We had a Thanksgiving feast of magnificent proportions. Given that my entire family has blown us off for Thanksgiving, last night may turn out to be our holiday celebration (Okay, E-spouse, I'll roast a turkey. After all I have enough leftover cornbread/sausage dressing to feed a busload of hungry Hungarians).

There were many moments to savor throughout the night, in addition to the grub and libations. I was awed, in particular, by blogaphile Jim's gift to me: a CD entitled "A Little Night Music: an eclectic assortment for the Edgiest of Mamas." The CD holds 120 songs! We've listened to it for much of the past 24, and it is wonderful. I have yet to not like a song on this compilation. Thanks, Jim!

The highlight of the night for me was hearing the erotic confession of my dear friend, Rio. Rio is a member of my book club and was at the beach with us when Ashvegas was guestblogging and wreaking havoc here on Edgy Mama.

Soooooo, Rio's big confession: after much beach talk and speculation about the true identity of Ashvegas (I am, as always, pledged to silence), Rio had a dream about our fab blogger friend. In the dream, she and Ash were having a torrid, yes, smoking, affair. AND he looked just like Clive Owen. Mmmmmmm, yes. So, last night, in a moment of bravery, she came face-to-face with the infamous Ash and told him about her dream. No, he doesn't much resemble Clive, at least in countenance, though he does have that rough and wry sense of humor that we so admire in the sexy Brit. Was Rio disappointed? Was she thrilled? We'll see what further dreams bring to Rio. Which leads me to my wild blogger dreams of last night...

Nope, not going there.

We neglected to take photos of this blogger meetup, though it was, as always, colorful. Thanks to Syntax, Uptown, Sweet Tea, Screwy, Huw, Vespere, Theseus, Ash, Corky, Walker, Rio, and you other blogger-related souls who were brave enough to attend. For food, drink, and fellowship. Til we meet again.

And Ash says:
Ashvegas bloggas owe you and E-Spouse a debt of gratitude for opening up your home. Thank you!

A few other highlights:

syntax and his invisible airplane. syntax's s.o.: "how do you know where you parked it?"

klutzy mama dropping utensils in the kitchen, then licking them clean (not true, says EM!).

E-Spouse's screeching impersonation of Fergie: "Let's get it staaar-ted!"

kluty mama forgetting to put out her homemade cranberry sauce. o-k. YUM! I didn't know it got better than the stuff out of the can...

syntax and s.o.'s confession of the birds-and-bees books their parents gave them. suffice to say we're all glad neither are the worse for it. that, combined with klutzy mama's reading of her sex book, which she had suprisingly handy on the bookshelf - complete with pictures of dog genitals.

jim's party mix present. we were all jealous AND super-in awe.

rio's soul-baring reveal to me. and hey, she didn't seem TOO disappointed in the real Mr. Vegas...

some kind of fortified yeast gravy, tasty pumpkin cheesecake, some awesome greens, a wonderfully apply salad, dressing upon dressing, on and on...

the inaugural game of the giblet toss olympics, in which bloggas used their discerning palates to guess the not-so-secret ingredients of the new Cold Mountain Winter Ale. medals to klutzy mama (cinnamon); syntax (raspberry) and everyone who came oh so close to guessing the super-hard butter pecan flavoring.

Dr. Paul as Johnny Depp. if only the lights had been a little dimmer...

Thanks to all!


Sweet Tea said...

Thank you so much for hosting, EM. We had a great time!

Did you happen to find a blue hand-towel with strawberries and rick-rack?

Shall we start throwing around ideas for the next gathering? I'm voting for tacky-Christmas-gear. That's right. Sweaters, antlers, jingle-bells, Santa pants etc. Whatever people can come up with. The tackier the better - and to make it even better, we should meet somewhere public, like a bowling ally where no one would bat an eye at our tacky crew of merry makers.

Now, that's an idea, eh? Anyone else? Whatcha got?

ash said...

Tea, the Blogger Bowling Thunder Tour is a good one. At the par-tay, we talked about doing something the last week of December, though there was tepid support because apparently a lot of people go out of town or something. What's up with that?
We also talked about doing a New Year's Eve party. Some people drop giant lighted balls to celebrate. But you know, out in Cherokee or Clay County, the hold a "Possum Drop." Don't worry, the little critter is held safe in a box that is slowly lowered to mark the end of the old year and the start of the new. As bloggers, we could drop and old computer or something.
I think we should get together at a Denny's and fill up on Grand Slam plates stacked with bacon, teetering piles of pancakes and mountains of scrambled eggs. Do they have wireless at Denny's? We can stay up all night. Somebody, bring the soundtrack to "Pulp Fiction."

Uptown Ruler said...

a good time was had by all...


thanks again, edgy and spouse!

Uptown Ruler said...

btw the dennys on patton avenue just over the bridge has been there for 35 years, making it one of the older restaurants in the city.

Edgy Mama said...

I gave your hand towel to Screwy to give to you. I also have an army green duffel. Anyone? It may be Corky's.

I/we are totally free the week after Xmas. Tea, I love your idea. And yours, Ash. As usual, I'm up for it all.

Great to have you all here. May be the start of a tradition...

Rio said...

I actually may be in town for a few days week after Christmas. Maybe I can redeem my reputation then!

syntax said...

i think i can safely speak for h when i say that we're all about bowling and thusly heartily endorse the "blogger bowling thunder tour"!

even during league nights it's fairly easy to get a lane @ sky lanes on patton.

Screwy Hoolie said...

Thanks EM and ESpouse! What a great turnout and fun time.

I've noticed that no one is really talking about the giblet sports, and I know we're not supposed to.

But WTF, right?

Here are the medal standings for the BlogAsheville Inaugural International Giblet Olympics:

Giblet Juggling
Gold - Syntax
Silver - Mrs. Syntax
Bronze - Theseus

Rockin' Giblaltar
Gold - Jim J.
Silver - Edgy Mama
Bronze - Syntax

Hide the Giblet
Gold - Corky
Silver - Huw
Bronze - Sweet Tea

Giblet Toss
Gold - Ash
Silver - Screwy
Bronze - Uptown Ruler

Gerbil-Giblet Relay
Gold - Vespere
Silver - Espouse
Bronze - Dr. Paul

Gold - Walker
Silver - Rio
Bronze - Mrs. Hoolie

I could, of course, go on and on. It was a stone groove peepsel. See you at the bowling thunder.

syntax said...

we rule! :)

modpez said...

sounds like a good time was had by all. i had a tooth pulled on arriving in az. it was a surprise.