Friday, September 02, 2005

the first official syntax high-gravity beer test

i knew i should have printed out the list of high-gravity beers that george posted after the 6% cap was popped, but thankfully a "helping phriendly person" at greenlife gave me a couple of recommendations, and i ended up settling on a six-pack of victory golden monkey tripel ale.

not that i'd call this settling by any means; it's great stuff!

golden monkey has a much more playful and complex flavor than most beers of this nature that i've tasted, deceptively light with a strong malty start and a warm, spicy finish reminiscent of ginger or cinnamon, maybe both. plus, it's a 9.5% brew, which makes for the perfect end to an unexpected 12-hour day @ work.

of course, as mentioned before moderation should be exercised when consuming high-gravity brew.

but since i don't have any plans to drive anywhere tonight, i don't plan on exercising that moderation... ;)


Screwy Hoolie said...

All monkey jokes aside...and it's really hard not to joke about monkeys, even the golden victorious ones...

I will love trying this beer. Thanks for the tip.

Edgy Mama said...

Mmmmm, looking forward to hanging with some golden monkeys. How was it, Syntax?

syntax said...