Friday, September 02, 2005

On The Road Again..

In the midst of my search for a bicycle I ran across one tiny little issue. My toddler. The thought dawned on me that if I'm out bicycling, I would probably have to take him with me. I asked a few friends about the bike seats that they use for their little ones and my friend Jan made a wonderful suggestion. I had never seen it before and am thrilled that such a product is out there.

The Wee Ride Centric Carrier

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It's predecessor being the rear mount child seat...

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It makes so much more sense for the child to be cradled safely in front of the rider.

Since searching for the seat online I've found it being sold from $59.99 - $120.00 for the
Kangaroo by Wee Ride.

This place seems to have the best deal going online. I have not left my house and searched local bike shops or called to see who might have one hereabouts so feel free to comment if you know of a local place that carries this particular centric seat.


syntax said...

there are also those "kid trailers" that ride behind the bicycle. although i would probably prefer to have my child in my sight at all times if i were a parent, i would have loved one of those things when i was a kid. :)

Sweet Tea said...

yeah, the kid trailer would be fun if it were not for the threat of some maniac behind the wheel of a speeding vehicle.