Saturday, September 03, 2005

Mayor Worley on the Fuel Shortage

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September 2nd edition of the city's e-news by Charles Worley:

"As the work week comes to an end and we head into a holiday weekend, I want to first ask you to keep our fellow citizens in Louisiana and Mississippi in your thoughts. They are facing a devastating catastrophe and are in need of America’s support. Governor Mike Easley yesterday encouraged North Carolina citizens to help recovery efforts by donating to the NC Helping Neighbors Fund, which is managed by the governor’s office. You can also provide resources or donate blood through the Asheville Mountain Area Chapter of the Red Cross.

During the week, our community has faced a fuel supply disruption caused by the effects of Hurricane Katrina on fuel pipeline infrastructure. According to the latest announcement issued by Colonial Pipeline, the company that operates the pipeline feeding suppliers in Western North Carolina, fuel capacity is expected to be restored to about 85 percent by the end of the weekend. Plantation Pipe Line Co. today reported that electricity has been restored to its pump station in Collins, Miss., giving Plantation the capability to operate at approximately 95 percent capacity. In addition, the federal government has indicated it is taking steps to help solve the problem of fuel availability.

While the information we are receiving from the federal government and the fuel industry is encouraging, we still expect fuel supplies throughout the state to be inconsistent for some time. President George W. Bush, Governor Mike Easley and local officials are urging citizens to continue measures to conserve fuel. Throughout the weekend and into the next work week, please make plans to carpool, ride share, take public transportation, walk, ride a bicycle and limit unnecessary vehicle travel.

City bus service will be available to all regular routes, including trips to Black Mountain and Weaverville, all day Saturday and until 5 p.m. on Monday. Special service has been added on Labor Day to help citizens conserve fuel during the holiday. Information about Asheville Transit and bus routes can be found at You can find more information about ridesharing at You can also visit the city’s web site to reference a list of frequently asked questions and important phone numbers..

Thank you for your efforts to help conserve fuel in our community and for your patience as we work together during this disruption. Asheville has a tremendous community spirit, and I appreciate everything you are doing to support our economy, our neighborhoods and each other. Have a safe holiday weekend.

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Future Daddy said...

Interesting! On Thurs., Sept. 1, 2005, there was a bulletin posted on the buses stating the #3 and #26 would be cancelled as of Sept. 3 and that the Black Mountain and Weaverville bus would be reduced.