Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Big Beers In Asheville

Over the labor day weekend in Asheville, I sampled the following at Bier Garden, all in bottles:

Flying Dog Horn Dog Barleywine
Chimay Blue
Chimay Red
(They have Chimay White as well, but I'd already had it before).
Ommegang Hennepin (Which I didn't really like)

Bier Garden also has:

Ommegang Abbey Ale (25 oz bottles for $12)
Flying Dog Gonzo Imperial Porter (Hunter S. Thompson Tribute Beer)

At Jack in the Wood, I tried:

Green Man Dragon, which was quite tasty.

Remember, these beers are high in alcohol content (The Chimays are 8% or so, and the others are 9-12 or so), so be safe with them. Sip slowly, and be sure not to drive drunk! These beers are to be savored, not chugged.


waz said...

Where is the Bier Garden?

Do any of the brewery's here have the 5gal jugs you can get refilled?

I agree Green Man is tasty. Some of their brews have been a little flat. I like 'em more crisp and refreshing. Damn Brit ales ;-)

I ventured out of da ville this w/e scrambling up some of the big hills in Yancey Cty (Black Mtns). Mandatory post excercise muscle relaxants and coldie for drive home I sought out some 12oz cans...I was shocked to learn that I was in a dry county. Doh! Fleeing back into town I was thankfull for a good pint in a good town.

Edgy Mama said...

Thanks for the lowdown, George. I've actually spent the night, the whole night, in the Flying Dog Brewery in Denver. And I have copies of the original Steadman artwork for Flying Dog Ale and Road Dog Porter. And you'll have to buy me a beer to get the whole story out of me!

Future Daddy said...

Waz, the Bier Garden is on Haywood; across the street from Malaprop's. Also, the French Broad Brewery has the 5gal. jugs. You can pick them up at Greenlife.

George, excellent "research." LOL

Do you need a lab assistant?

waz said...

Well, if we're going to talk Colorado beer, then you have to go north out of Denver to Ft Collins. HC Berger, O'Dells, New Belgium brewery (in no specific order) are the best beers on the planet.

If I knew how to get those three on the shelves in the east coast I would be rich enough to drink the beers George does.

1000 black lines said...

Ya'll are making me thirsty.