Wednesday, September 07, 2005

more praise for asheville bloggers!

i happened across this little tidbit from the letters section in the new mountain xpress that just hit "newsstands" today:
Bloggers, unite!

The Aug. 17 issue of Mountain Xpress included an excellent example of what makes Asheville truly unique ["Into the Blogosphere"]. Sure, I was aware of blogs; however, I was never really in (sic) them. Steve Shanafelt's reporting on the local blog community was truly enlightening. I have visited and bookmarked many of the blogs presented in the article (in fact, I visit the AshVegas site daily for a hilarious look at our local news.)

I have visited the Matt Drudge site daily for several years and was not aware that I was keeping up with a blog until I read Shanafelt's article. Every citizen has a passionate voice about something. Don't rest on your hindquarters! Let your voice be heard! Bloggers, unite!

– Phillip Bullard
thanks, phillip!


Edgy Mama said...

Hi Phillip! Aren't you the sweetie? (batting eyelashes flirtatiously). Come visit me?

Screwy Hoolie said...

No! He's Mine! All Mine!

Unity Shmunity! Mine! Mine! Mine!

ash said...

y'all get your own pimp. phil's ass is mine.

car said...

I picked up a copy of this "newspaper" today and think they should change the name to Commie Xpress! It is full of filthy hippie garbage!

1000 black lines said...

Thanks Syntax. Ya'll crack me up... I thought numbers (of visitors to your site) don't matter... it's the quality of the visitors.

Car, for what it's worth, the "filty hippie garbage" is recyclable. Plus, if you like the "Commie Xpress" you'll love The Indie (which is also recyclable). By the way, I checked out your Asheville blog and loved last Thursday's post where you listed conservative and hippy hangouts. Here's another hippy hangout to add to your list: Beanstreet Cafe. Also, where do you think Old Europe ranks? conservative location or hippy hangout?

syntax said...

hey car - if you're still feeling overwhelmed by all those damn filthy commie pinko jane fonda-lovin' hippies, you should check out o'henry's.