Sunday, August 21, 2005

"i gotta haul ass to blogapalooza!"

wow, that was a fun time up in weavervegas yesterday! good food, good drink, and good company.

at one point of the afternoon i'd say there were something close to fourteen different blogs represented. met some really cool people, got to see some of the more familiar faces again. that was great. got to talk at length with brian from dembloggers about a lot (i mean a lot) of stuff concerning upcoming political races, local and national, 2006 and 2008. told jokes and drank beer under starlight, interrupted occasionally by the incredibly beautiful sound of particularly loud summer insects. somehow, the upcoming film, the aristocrats, made it into the conversation, and i actually ended up almost telling the joke. i couldn't imagine... (if you don't know what i'm talking about, just google it. you'll find out more.)

anyway, near the end of the evening it was me, brian and chris (of modern peasant) making up the straggler contingent, and we had a great time just talking about everything - politics, religion, music, art, aqua teen hunger force (how can you not love a tv show with a character named "meatwad"?), some more politics... and it was back off into ashevilleland... where there are fewer trees and fewer stars...

my thanks to jim and frank for having us out, and for screwy hoolie and uptown ruler for getting this thing started in the first place. you guys... oh, you guys! you guys are awesome.

looking forward to the next one!

(oh yeah: screwy - i gave the cd to brian before everything adjourned.)

(partially crossposted from the syntax of things with edits for clarity and stuff...)


Brian Hopkins said...

I had a great time yesterday and last night. I want to say thanks to everyone that attended and hope to see you all again at the next one. Also, a special thanks to Jim for allowing us to invade his house.

Screwy Hoolie said...

Ouch! I spaced on the CD. How's it sound Brian?

These are the blogs that were represented:

Hangover Journal
Bird on the Moon
Modern Peasant
the syntax of things
Scrutiny Hooligans
Sweet Tea
Bad Ass
Lowell Allen's Serial Photos
The Avant Gardener
Stars that Usher Evening Rose

And Edgy Mama and Ashvegas had a satellite meetup at the Uzh.

Amazing! Thanks for coming out everyone. It was good to meet you and to see you again.

Um...we didn't decide when next to get together, so how's the last Thursday in September at 7pm at the Usual Suspects (bar/restaurant) on Merrimon Ave.?

Edgy Mama said...

Sounds like a fun afternoon. By the time, I was done with family duties and Ash was done with work, it was too late for us to make it to Weavervegas. So we had mini-blogapolooza.

I may be heading to Atlanta for a wedding last Thursday in September, but don't
change things for me!

Susan said...

Sure sounds like everyone had a great time. I'm just getting home from work and wanted to pop in to see how it went.