Saturday, July 30, 2005

mmmm... ropa vieja

translated into english - "old clothes." traditionally, it's a dish made using leftover meat from the night before, and there are several regional variances. and it's my "benchmark dish" whenever i try out a new cuban restaurant, and seeing it on the menu at a central american place certainly caught my attention. i wasn't disappointed with tomato's version. far from it, in fact - very good stuff. nice and flavorful, with subtle spices.

screwy & modernpeasant: it was great seeing you guys again last night!
edgymama/envirospouse, matt & ash: it was great making your acquaintance!
let's do this again soon!

oh, here's a quick example of imagebending, from one of matt mulder's pics:

(in this case i used various fft filters and fade-ins in cool edit pro 2.0 to bend the image. yeah, it's good to have a hobby...)

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