Saturday, July 30, 2005

Ashvegas bloggers are the best

Friday night marked the second meet-up of Ashvegas bloggers, and once again it didn't disappoint. The Scrutiny Hooligans got everyone so worked up with their blogaround that we decided to get together far from the madding crowds at Bele Chere, rather than wait unitl another planned jam later this summer.

So folks dined on some delish Latin dishes, downed a few brews and enjoyed everyone's company. That's all it was folks - a social visit. There's no secret agenda or ulterior motive. (At least not yet.) We just like hanging out with other freaks like us who feel compelled to gush globally, or feel the weight of blogguilt otherwise.

Screwy showed us his underwear. The Syntax of Things explained his love of photo-bending as Leather Pants listened on. Edgy Mama kept our rapt attention with tales from the edge of motherhood. On the other end of the table, 1000 Black Lines and Modern Peasant hung out, surely solving the world's most pressing problems between bites of pollo and poblano.

I always enjoy meeting fellow Ashvegas denizens, especially those among the blog brotherhood. Enjoyed it, folks. Let's do it again soon.


Uptown Ruler said...

how did ya'll like cosina latina?

1000 black lines said...

Uptown Ruler, Cosina Latina is a winner... great food and live music.