Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Post to BlogAsheville -- You're Invited!

Did you know that (almost) anyone can post to BlogAsheville?

BlogAsheville is a group blog with 41 local contributors, and you're welcome to be part of it. (This is not a blog that's purely for local events -- that's just what I post about a lot.)

We BlogAsheville admins (Uptown Ruler, DonMak and Jennifer Saylor, plus admin emeritus Gordon Smith) LOVE posts that aren't about events! If you have them, we want them!

Cross-post from your home blog. Write a roundup of great new local blog posts. Post your recipes, restaurant reviews, your problems with the suckiest internet service on Earth.

If it's about Asheville and of interest to Asheville people, WE WANT YOU TO POST IT.

So long as you:
  • are not crazy
  • are local
  • avoid anything too NSFW
  • avoid constant flogging of your own products with little other content
  • avoid political endorsements and opinions
  • post about things that affect Asheville and the people who live here
YOU TOO can post to BlogAsheville! We'd love it if you did!

If you are new and want to join BA as a contributing editor, just leave a comment OR send us an email at BlogAsheville at hotmail daht cahm.


The Hard-Workin' BlogAsheville Admins


Randini said...

US Web Talk Radio is based here in Asheville. We would love to share the stories of Asheville to the 16,000 who tune in every 24hrs. to the world.

Would like to post that we are here & that we give free 100% free radio shows at www.uswebtalkradio.com



Wendy Roche - Personal Fitness Trainer said...

I am a personal trainer at O3 Health and Fitness in Asheville near UNCA. I would like share with the people of Asheville tips on health and fitness and help them acheive a better quality of live. personaltrainerasheville.com

Thank You,
Wendy Roche

Crystal Sanchez said...


I blog for the Asheville Art Museum, in addition to tweets, Facebook, and lots more! We have a weekly feature on art work in our Collection, as well as lots of other cool information on the arts scene in Asheville. I would love to contribute to Blog Asheville. Check out our blog here: http://ashevilleartmuseum.blogspot.com/


DonaldActon said...

I'm a Life Extension Specialist who has studied the human body for over 50 years and make videos of various topics on adding years to your life and life to your years at http://www.actonhealthnews.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

I am the Festival Coordinator for the Bakersville Creek Walk Arts Festival to be held in Bakersville, NC on September 25 from 10am-5pm.

We are currently accepting applications for vendors (artists, musicians, & food vendors) http://www.bakersvillefestival.com. Application fee is $10, booth fee is $75.

You can contact me at bakersvillefestival@gmail.com or 828.216.9929

Dawn Dalto