Monday, February 01, 2010

reBlog from Rev. Johnny Lemuria: Vortex Cabaret

Want to do something really fun this week?

Braving both ice and sickness, the Vortex Cabaret is back again, building on the success of last week's great show. This week, we bring the sexy, with our movie selection Forbidden Zone (read the review by the Mountain Xpress' Ken Hanke here.) We also have readings from the work of noted erotica author Anais Nin, read by my good friend Meg Hen. Top that off with the always-excellent stand-up comedians of Tomato Tuesday, and another great Asheville rock band, and it promises to be a helluva night.Oh, and did I mention the all you can drink PBR for $5? Yep, all you can drink PBR for $5. You should drink some. The Vortex Cabaret. Thursday night, February 4th, 9 PM. 11 Grove Street, Asheville, above Scandals. 5$ admission, 18+. Come for the PBR, stay for the art. Or vice-versa, we don't care.Rev. Johnny Lemuria, Vortex Cabaret, Jan 2010

Support art. Support weirdness. Support Ahseville. Support the Vortex Cabaret.

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