Monday, February 01, 2010

Drinks and Dialogue: Community Talk Series Tries to Cross Color Lines

From an email: a new informal community forum, Drinks and Dialogue, is trying to cross gender and color lines with a talk series (over drinks!) at Sazerac. Colors lines don't get crossed nearly often enough on Asheville, IMO. Come on out:

Drinks and Dialogue is an open conversation where people come to talk about relationships, dating, parenting and other social issues. Basically a battle of the sexes.

Questions will be thrown into a hat, picked randomly, and talked about with a 10 min time frame. I'm asking those who attend to bring one question. Questions such as "Will a relationship work if 2 people have different political/religious views?" Or "What do you consider cheating?" Etc.

It will be held Sat Feb 6th a Sazerac (upstairs) 69 Broadway. Entire community invited. Goal: To answer male/female questions and to have mixed, diverse crowd.
Drinks and Dialogue
Sat. Feb 6
Sazerac, 69 Broadway (corner of Broadway and Walnut)
On Twitter at @socialifeavl

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Cheri said...

Love all the info your blog offers about our city. I have a local blog - Life in the Carolina Mountains - and the fine craft gallery I work at has a blog also- Gallery of the Mountains inside the Grove park Inn - Would love to have both on your listing. Thanks!