Sunday, January 24, 2010

Washburn and Webley Monday

The gods know Asheville's full of freaky, fringey talent (and you're welcome to tell us all about it -- just send email to blogasheville@hotmail anytime), but here's two artists of note in town on Monday, of all days:

Banjo player/songwriter Abigail Washburn plays Laurey's Catering 6-8. Her first solo album, Song of the Traveling Daughter, was produced by Béla Fleck and features cellist Ben Sollee and Jordan McConnell, guitarist for The Duhks. Two songs were recorded in Mandarin Chinese, which she learned while living in China.

Here's Washburn on NPR talking about playing banjo music with Chinese lyrics.

Also playing Monday is Jason Webley, the accordionist who (sort of) introduced Asheville favorite Amanda Palmer to her now-fiance, writer Neil Gaiman (pretty much another Asheville favorite, one who vowed to sign at Malaprop's someday, and he seems like a man of his word). Webley's at Bobo with fellow accordionist, Asheville's own vaudevie, at 8 p.m., $8.

Dude, you could totally catch both shows.

Washburn on MySpace

Webley on MySpace

As Jim Barton (@smithmillcreek) said on Twitter, whatta town.

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