Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving with Asheville's Wild Turkeys

Wild turkeys enjoy Thanksgiving in my front yard in Asheville's Beaverdam neighborhood.

This group of adults frequently visits my property, so I've named them: Butterball, Bourbon, Ben Franklin, Giblets, Leftover, Stuffing, and Neck Bone.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

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JF said...

Wow! I wonder if it's the same six we see around Beaverdam Run all the time. 2 pix from in front of my house:

- Josh Fisher

Jill said...

My husband sent this to me and I laughed, telling him that these are indeed the same turkeys that would torment my son at the YMCA. The turkeys would come out of the hilly woodside and the counselors would blow their whistles, because the turkeys could be very territorial.

To this day, my son remembers those turkeys. Even seven years ago, I couldn't get him to go camping because he wasn't afraid of bears...he was afraid of turkeys.


From a child's point of view, turkeys are huge. And in the turkey's defense, my son had never been rushed by a bear for comparison.


Asheville Foodie said...

Too funny! I saw several turkeys on Thanksgiving Day when I was driving onto the Grove Park Inn Resort property also! They are very brave apparantly!